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XSS is one of the most popular vulnerabilities to hunt for. Is it the name radiating coolness? Is it the impact it can have? Is it because that popup is so rewarding? Who knows! All we know at Intigriti is that people LOVE XSS but that many have only scratched the surface of what XSS can be!

In this article, we’ll list all the XSS challenges we’ve hosted in the past, so you can keep on polishing those skills. Leave no XSS uncovered!

Note that some of these challenges may not involve XSS πŸ˜‰

πŸ“œ Overview

🧰 Writeups

Challenge-0123: Friends by Samokosik and mrkcdl

Challenge-1222: Christmas blog by @fh4ntke

Challenge-1122: Secure vault by @H4R3L

Challenge-1022: Secure notes by @0xGodson_

Challenge-0922: 8 ball by @IvarsVids

Challenge-0822: Business card generator by @BrunoModificato and @aszx87410

Challenge-0722: Awesome kitty blog by Vroemy

Challenge-0622: Recipe by lawrencevl

Challenge-0522: Pollution by @PiyushThePal

Challenge-0422: Window Maker by @aszx87410

Challenge-0322: Hashing by @BrunoModificato

Challenge-0222: Extremely Short Scripting Game by @aszx87410

Challenge-0122: Super Secure HTML Viewer by @TheRealBrenu

Challenge-1221: Christmas Special by @E1u5iv3F0x

Challenge-1121: OWASP Top 10 by @IvarsVids

Challenge-1021: Halloween has taken over by @0xTib3rius

Challenge-0921: Password Manager by @BugEmir and Pepijn van der Stap

Challenge-0821: XSS Cookbook by @WHOISbinit

Challenge-0721: HTML Viewer by @RootEval

Challenge-0621: Password Generator by Physuru

Challenge-0521: Math Robot by @GrumpinouT

Challenge-0421: WAF by @terjanq

Challenge-0321: Notes

Challenge-0121: Challenging

Challenge-1220: Calculator