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Smart Pension launches a Vulnerability Disclosure Program on Intigriti 

Smart Pension, one of the fastest-growing financial technology companies in the UK, is launching its Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP). Ever since Smart Pension’s launch in 2014, they’ve been committed to improving lives for employers and savers in the UK. Founded by Andrew Evans and Will Wynne, they brought together their financial and technological expertise with […]

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GlacierCTF Players: Earn Up To $15k Bonuses for Yahoo Bug Bounty Submissions

Since its inception, Yahoo’s Bug Bounty program has received thousands of vulnerability reports from over 6,000 hackers worldwide. And today, the ten-year-old program is growing with an expansion into Europe through a new public program managed by Intigriti, the continent’s largest bug bounty platform. To celebrate the launch, Yahoo is also enacting a new type […]

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Oda launches a Public Bug Bounty: A Commitment to Enhanced User Trust 

Oda launches its public bug bounty platform, marking a strategic move in bolstering online security. With a keen focus on user safety, this initiative aims to identify and rectify digital vulnerabilities. This move not only underscores Oda’s commitment to security but also promises to enhance the trust and experience for its users.  The Past Challenges  […]

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How Intigriti Optimizes Prato’s Software Security 

In the age of digital transformation, cybersecurity has become an essential part of businesses. A rise in cybercrime highlights the vulnerabilities in business-critical applications, emphasizing the need for more robust cybersecurity measures. Prato made a substantial investment in enhancing their infrastructure and applications’ security. This is where Intigriti’s collaboration with Prato started. Intigriti and Prato: […]

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HR software giant Personio takes its bug bounty program to the next level

Arnau Estebanell, senior application security engineer at Personio, discusses the important role bug bounties can play in the security of SaaS businesses. Personio is a European tech company that develops software to simplify HR management processes. Following a successful invite-only bug bounty that launched last year with Intigriti, the company has taken the next step […]

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Nurturing program engagement: Easy steps you can take to keep your bug bounty program ticking 

 How to optimize your bug bounty program for long-term success.   Bug bounty programs often have a whirlwind start. In those first few weeks, the submissions can come thick and fast. SecOps and development teams are kept busy fixing important issues. Stakeholders begin to relax as their investment becomes justified. Sound familiar?  This is often the […]

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Guaranteeing cybersecurity is never child’s play, even for a large toy retailer

2020 saw four years of eCommerce growth in a single quarter, according to Colliers, as nearly 150 million people shopped online for the first time. That’s a staggering increase, and growth is predicted to continue at least through to the end of this decade. This rapid growth means eCommerce infrastructure is expanding rapidly too, bringing […]

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Bug Bounty Calculator – Crunch the numbers and optimize your VDP

New tool from Intigriti helps ensure your security program receives the attention it deserves Intigriti has launched Bug Bounty Calculator, a free-to-use tool to help bug bounty program owners make an informed decision when setting their payout rates. The bug bounty marketplace is growing at a rapid pace. This is great news for the ethical […]

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