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The Hacking Policy Council has launched, with Intigriti a founding member

Intigriti becomes founding member and sole EU representative for the Hacking Policy Council

ANTWERP, BELGIUM. APRIL 13, 2023 – Intigriti, a leading cybersecurity platform, is proud to announce its participation as the sole EU representative and founding member of the newly-launched Hacking Policy Council. Alongside organizations including Google, Intel, and Luta Security, this DC-based think tank aims to create a favorable legal, policy, and business environment for ethical […]

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How Intigriti keeps your data safe with application-level encryption 

Our application-level encryption process is unmatched by any other bug bounty platform.  At Intigriti, we know how important it is for our customers to keep their data safe. After all, bug bounty and crowdsourced security platforms handle a wealth of sensitive information, including vulnerability submissions, researcher communications, and financial data.  However, it’s not only our […]

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Intigriti in the news: Belgium’s new ethical hacker framework receives global press attention 

New Belgian legislation increases protections for the ethical hacker community as they go about their work testing systems for flaws.  It’s been a busy period regarding cybersecurity legislation and news. Across the globe, we’re seeing governments provide increased protections for ethical hacking – particularly in Intigriti’s home country of Belgium, with the new safe harbor framework […]

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FT 1000: Intigriti named in the Financial Times’ top 500 fastest-growing European companies list

 Intigriti was one of seven Belgian companies to feature in the FT 1000 List of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies.  Intigriti, the Belgium-based bug bounty and crowdsourced cybersecurity business, is pleased to announce it features in the Financial Times FT 1000 List of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies.  The last few years have not been kind to […]

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Hybrid Pentesting: The Smart Approach to Securing your Assets

Pentesting-as-a-Service is your next crucial layer of security For businesses dedicated to their security, they’ll know that truly mature infrastructure doesn’t involve just one kind of protection. Vulnerability scanners, firewalls, periodic penetration tests, and bug bounties are all independent layers of an onion of well-rounded cybersecurity. They each serve different purposes and ensure every kind […]

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New Belgian legal framework gives safe harbor to ethical hackers and bug bounty hunters

A safe harbor under certain conditions has been created in Belgium for cybersecurity researchers who report vulnerabilities to the Belgian national CSIRT and relevant system owners. Some positive developments impacting Belgium’s cybersecurity industry will come into effect next month after the country approved legal dispositions protecting ethical hackers and bug bounty hunters. As part of […]

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Intigriti obtains SOC 2 certification

Intigriti now proudly holds both ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliance certifications ‘Practice what you preach’ is a vital phrase when it comes to cybersecurity. For businesses that test and ensure the safety of huge amounts of sensitive data, it follows that these companies have an enormous responsibility when safeguarding themselves. Towards the end of […]

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Bug bounty year in review from Intigriti

The year in review – ‘Record bug bounty payouts demonstrate the value companies see in the industry’

As 2022 comes to an end, the Intigriti team looks back on another year of firsts for the global crowdsourced security industry. A note from the CEO “As we close out 2022, the global bug bounty industry has continued to experience strong growth, despite the challenges posed by the market downturn and other unforeseen events. […]

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