Bug Bounty & Agile Pentesting Platform

How Artificial Intelligence is being used to match researchers with bug bounty programs

Every security researcher has their specialty, their range of bugs that they focus on or that they have spent the past years researching and perfecting. The greatest power of bug bounty comes into play when considering that all of these bright individuals with diverse skillsets can become a single superbrain when put together. At Intigriti, […]

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Atos and Intigriti launch new integrated Bug Bounty service

Paris and Lille, France – September 9, 2021 – Atos and Intigriti, the European leading platform for bug bounty and ethical hacking, announce their collaboration to release an end-to-end bug bounty offering for organisations. Bug bounty consists of using expert researchers and ethical hackers, selected according to a precise protocol, to search for vulnerabilities in […]

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Intigriti launches fast lane program to incentivise cybersecurity research

Today, we are launching the first ‘fast lane’ program that enables security researchers to monetize novel cybersecurity research prior to public disclosure. The initiative aims to effectively connect finders of emerging threats with affected organisations, allowing them to prepare and respond in a timely manner. This allows researchers to collect monetary ‘bug bounties’ for all participating companies, maximising their return on investment before releasing their work to the public.  “Every year, one way or another, someone manages to break […]

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The Intigriti Ethical Hacker Insights Report 2021 Educates On How To Counter Cybersecurity Weaknesses

1 in 3 cybersecurity vulnerabilities may never get dealt with Antwerp (Belgium), June 1st, 2021 – The advent of a no-touch, online society has seen countless organisations embracing the power of online business operations and a distributed workforce. But, with an increase in cybercriminal activity, it’s clear companies need a security strategy that doesn’t just work against hackers, but embraces […]

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