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Yahoo’s 1337UP0822 live hacking event rallies researchers from around the world 

After putting in-person live hacking events on hold due to social distancing regulations and travel restrictions, Yahoo made a ground-breaking comeback this month with their 1337UP0822 event. The global media and tech company combined forces with Intigriti to host their first in-person live hacking event in more than two years.  Today, we’re highlighting noteworthy performances […]

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Meet two hackers heading to Yahoo’s live hacking event, 1337UP0822 

Intigriti’s live hacking events offer a completely different experience to conventional bug bounty hunting. They work by inviting ethical hackers (also known as security researchers and, in this case, bug bounty hunters) to collaborate and connect with a specific organization’s security team, fellow hackers, and of course, Intigriti! Hackers are invited to participate based on […]

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Intigriti’s first live hacking event raises €16.200 for charity

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we invited ten elite hackers to our office to find vulnerabilities in some of Belgium’s largest corporations. For every security bug that was smashed, the participating companies donated at least €50 to a hacker-chosen charity. At the end of the day, €16.200 was raised for Clinicoders, a youth organisation that organises programming workshops for chronically-ill children.

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