Why join Intigriti? Here’s 16 reasons why you’ll love working here

By Anna Hammond

November 24, 2021

Why join Intigriti? Here’s 16 reasons why you’ll love working here

Why join Intigriti? Well, we’re one of the fastest-growing ethical hacking and bug bounty platforms in the world. Headquartered in Belgium with offices around Europe, Intigriti has increased its headcount by more than 100% since January 2021.

But, we expect what you really want to know is what made our wonderful employees join Intigriti? We’ll let them answer that question:

Why join Intigriti?

Here are 16 reasons why our employees think you’ll love working for Intigriti:

1.   You’ll join a scaling business

“Bug Bounty is an innovative approach to security and companies are very open to this new concept. The market opportunity is big! We are winning customers of all sizes and industries, from fast-growing start-ups to world-renowned customers. This will continue to boost our presence in the market over the coming years.”

Name: Martin Wieland

Job title: Account Executive, DACH Region

Intigriti start date: August 2021

2.   You’ll be amongst friends

“We are just a bunch of friends together. No boundaries. We also all have the ‘fix it’ mentality and everybody takes responsibility for their own work.”

Name: Brecht Carlier

Job title: Software Engineer

Intigriti start date: October 2016

3.   You can growth hack your career

“Everything is well defined and logical — the steps are clearly outlined which gives me focus for my professional progression.”

Name: Phoebe Oldham

Job title: Sales Development Manager

Intigriti start date: March 2021

4.   You can shape your own career path

“Career opportunities are well-considered and according to the company’s need. Employees are encouraged to apply to new vacancies, and even switch career if it’s what they desire.”

Name: Nico Van Onckelen

Job title: Quality Assurance Analyst

Intigriti start date: July 2020

5.  “Be a sponge”

“When you first join Intigriti, the first piece of advice you’re given is to “be a sponge!” By that, they mean to learn and absorb as much as you can. The guidance from my team and manager have been really helpful since I joined the business — even from other teams. They’re genuine people who will offer to assist with any issues I have while learning.”

Name: Travis Anderson

Job title: Community Support

Intigriti start date: March 2021

6.   You’ll join an international business that celebrates diversity

“Intigriti is a diverse and inclusive group of professionals on a mission to make the digital landscape more secure. With so many different perspectives, we get to innovate, learn from each other, and improve the way we operate every day.”

Name: Iman Lamrani

Job title: Head of People & HR

Intigriti start date: May 2020

7.   Work flexibility is king

“I’m a keen runner so being able to step away from my desk without feeling restricted by a rigid work schedule is a real advantage. It helps me to take a break and clear my head, which in turn, allows me to be more productive when I’m at my desk. Plus, as a mother of two wonderful daughters (and one excitable puppy!), it’s helpful that I can work in or out of the office. Hybrid working is the future in my opinion!”

Name: Cindy Van Luyck

Job title: Head of Marketing

Intigriti start date: April 2021

8.   You can be yourself

“I came from a company with very low individuality. We had to wear suits, sit in our cubicle and do our job. Every interaction was strictly professional. Intigriti couldn’t be more opposite. It is a place where individuality is encouraged! They don’t want a copy-paste of the same person. My every quirk is valued and celebrated in this company. Plus, everyone is interesting to talk to and can teach me something new – work and non-work related.”

Name: Margaux Claessens

Job title: Sales Development Representative

Intigriti start date: March 2021

9.   You’ll make an impact

“Your contribution to the business goals is helping organisations and hackers at the same time. We get companies in contact with great hackers, which identify vulnerabilities in the company’s assets. We also provide a safe place for those hackers to do what they are good at, have fun and earn some money!”

Name: Robbe Van Roey

Job title: Hacker Manager

Intigriti start date: March 2021

10. You can change the world

“We make the world a more secure place. The fact we can create such a significant impact on companies with our crowd, and in a sustainable way, is really cool.”

Name: Arne Schoonvliet

Job title: Developer and Software Architect

Intigriti start date: February 2018

11. You’ll be inspired and motivate others around you

“I don’t know how our talent & culture team does it, but every single person joining the company is amazingly fun and good at what they do.”

Name: Martijn Luyckx

Job title: Security Analyst

Intigriti start date: December 2020

12. You’ll surround yourself with can-do attitudes

“My colleagues are as dedicated and passionate about security and bug-bounty as much as I am. This gives a positive vibe and triggers me to learn new things every day.”

Name: Dimitri Verhoeven

Job title: Security Analyst

Intigriti start date: February 2021

13. You’ll share ambitions and values with like-minded people

“Intigriti has a culture where everybody gets heard. There is a real feeling of togetherness. Everybody in the Intigriti family has about the same values and strives for greatness together.”

Name: Melissa Jans

Job title: Digital Developer

Intigriti start date: May 2021

14. You may get paid to break things… no really!

“What I enjoy most about my job in the quality assurance & development team is the hacking aspect — the breaking things down and finding loopholes… legally, of course!”

Name: Kristof Van Kriekingen

Job title: Quality Assurance & Development

Intigriti start date: March 2021

15. You’ll be part of a flourishing industry

“Security is only getting more important and our product is all set to take off beyond our imagination. It has a lot of potential for the future. The news is picking up the significance of computer security as well, which is also super beneficial. The product is really good which ensures decent growth!”

Name: Pascal Schulz

Job title: Hacker Enablement Manager

Intigriti start date: June 2021

16. You can forget about hierarchy culture

“You can pretty much talk to anyone on any level of the company of any team and no one would treat you like a subordinate.”

Name: Olmo Van Oers

Job title: Full Stack Developer

Intigriti start date: September 2021

Careers at Intigriti

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