Five insights into the recruitment & hiring process at Intigriti

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September 10, 2021

Five insights into the recruitment & hiring process at Intigriti

Behind every successful business is a team of great people. They truly are the lifeblood of any organisation. For Intigriti, building an outstanding team means prioritising the recruitment and hiring process. In this blog post, we cover five insights into that process.

But first, let’s quickly review what Intigriti job seekers can expect from our candidate journey.

The candidate journey  


Candidates can apply to the job they’re interesting in from our careers page.  

If they’re a match, our talent managers will call the candidate to explain more about the company (what we do) and the role. Of course, we also want to get to know them as a person so we can better understand whether we’re a good fit for each other! 


During this second phase, the candidate will meet their hiring or line manager, and a team member. The candidate will be able to ask questions directly to each person, and afterward, we’ll inform them as soon as we’ve decided whether they’re through to the next phase of the process.  


At this stage, we will ask the candidate to complete a suitable assessment for the job. This may entail a business case presentation or demonstrating an example of the work you’ll do. 


The final interview phase will include a call with the hiring manager or a colleague for any remaining questions the candidate or we might have. When the process has been completed, and if successful, the candidate can expect a personalized offer with extra benefits according to their needs. 

The recruitment and hiring process at Intigriti

Successful hiring comes from having a strong talent acquisition process with a large focus on the candidate journey. To achieve this, we zone in on:

  1. Sourcing outstanding candidates

  2. Hiring great culture fits

  3. Creating a strong candidate experience

  4. Highlighting the career benefits of working for a scale-up

  5. Driving diversity & inclusion within the business.

Below, we’ve listed these steps in more detail (in no order of importance).

1.     Sourcing exceptional candidates

Pulling together a list of poor fitting candidates for a role is not only counterproductive for an employer, but it’s stressful and time-wasting for job seekers too. In the case of Intigriti, we’re pleased to have doubled our team in size since January 2021 (including our leadership team) — and we’re still growing!

A large part of this success comes down to the fact that we ensure every candidate conversation has a purpose.

Knowing what we want before we advertise

Finding the right skills for the job starts with knowing what kind of person we want for the role. Sounds simple, right? But you’d be surprised by the number of unconsidered job advertisements thrown out into the world without the employer understanding what they truly need yet. This basic starting point requires some extra steps, but it saves time for all those involved later down the line.

At Intigriti, rather than pulling together a job description based on a generic job title; we work closely with the hiring manager to get a firm grip of what expertise, skills, and experiences they need. This effort pays offs when creating a job advertisement, which in turn, helps attract the best-fitting candidates for the role. We also focus heavily on headhunting and implementing an employee referral scheme.

2.     Hiring phenomenal culture fits

Finding exceptional candidates for the business began with us understanding our company DNA and culture. With that in mind, we assess whether a person is a good culture fit based on their ability to blend in with the company’s core values and collective behaviours.

What this doesn’t mean is hiring people exactly like us. At Intigriti, we celebrate diversity. In fact, it’s one of our company values — but more on that later.

Zoning in on ambition and values

What gets the Intigriti team out of bed every morning is our ambition to make the world a safer place. Our company mission is as such: We want to enable businesses to effectively implement continuous security testing for numerous assets, by offering them the help of a scalable custom crowd of security researchers that fits the needs.

Our values include:

  • Integrity: Say what you do and do what you say.

  • Ethics: Doing the right thing, together.

  • Sustainability: Create an impact, make it last.

  • Passion: Inspire others with your thirst for excellence.

  • Diversity: Differences exist; embrace them, and learn.

We reference this in our recruitment materials and ask questions that relate directly to these values. As a result, we employ people into roles where they’ll be happier, more cohesive, more productive, and likely to experience career longevity at Intigriti.

3.     Driving diversity & inclusion within the business

Research shows that businesses that embrace diversity & inclusion (D&I) have a greater readiness to innovate and a 5.4 times higher employee retention rate — plus, racially diverse workplaces have higher revenue growth. Yet, even without these stats, D&I is more than just a headcount at Intigriti — it’s embedded into our core values and actions.

Women in cybersecurity is an ongoing battle in the industry and we see it as our responsibility to bring about a better balance.  We’re proud to work with some exceptional female talent to increase the profile of women in cybersecurity and influence the next generation.

Some of the talent we work with includes:

As of 2021, our headcount includes ten different ethnicities, and we’re active in six international territories.

How Intigriti prioritises diversity & inclusion

To get to this point, we’ve established training and guidance around non-biased recruitment. For example, before choosing to invite a candidate for an interview, we assess the person’s experience and capability without looking at their name and ethnicity.

In 2020, we introduced our zero-tolerance policy towards sexism (as well as other forms of discrimination) within our bug bounty platform, and beyond.

4.     Creating a strong candidate experience

Having a strong employment brand is important to us at Intigriti. We believe the only way to do that is through our actions.

Communication every step of the way

Strong, regular communication with candidates is one of the best things we can do to provide a great experience and give them an insight into how we operate. After all, our mantra at Intigriti is to be crowd-driven, but people-focused.

This can easily be done with personal contact at each stage of the application process (we don’t do cold, automated emails or AI-powered video interviews at Intigriti). We also acknowledge and encourage candidates at each step of the process, providing additional information about the job opportunity to keep them engaged.

5.     Highlighting the benefits of working for a scale-up business

Career progression and development is important to most professionals. Whilst we may be biased, we’ve found that working for a scale-up business has some major benefits for employees.

Working for a scale-up business

Within a scale-up environment, the impact of individuals on the business is often much more visible than within larger companies. Plus, as business growth gains momentum, so can employee career progression. At Intigriti, for example, we don’t have rules on how long a person must be in one position before they can be promoted — which is often the case for larger organisations.

Intigriti’s Digital Developer, Melissa Jans, explains why she loves working for a scale-up:

“A scale-up is a bit like working on a product or concept you’ve helped to create. It doesn’t matter that you’re not the founder, there’s still a strong sense of purpose. We move a lot of mountains at Intigriti and I enjoy seeing the effects of my efforts in that.”

Melissa Jans, Digital Developer at Intigriti.

Naturally with this, the pace of a smaller business tends to be fast. Your role can also evolve quickly as the business does and you’re less confined to a particular job description or responsibility. Career ladders exist, but they’re less rigid – meaning you can shape your progression whilst obtaining a much more varied experience than a corporate job.

Careers at Intigriti

Now you’ve learned more about the recruitment and hiring process at Intigriti, does the idea of working in a promising and fulfilling environment inspire you? Discover careers at Intigriti by visiting our careers page or following us on LinkedIn. We look forward to your application!

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