Intigriti wins ‘Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year’

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September 23, 2020

Intigriti wins ‘Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year’

Intigriti wins Datanews Award Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year 

Data News announced today Intigriti as winner of the Data News awards for Excellence for Cyber ​​Security Innovator of 2020. In particular, the innovative nature of the ethical hacking platform and the many positive references from customers were praised by the jury. For Intigriti, this award is a reward for the hard work of the past years and a confirmation that the need for online security in a creative way is being supported by an ever-wider audience.

Innovative platform ready for further growth 

The jury motivated their decision: “The emphasis in this category is on innovation, and Intigriti developed an innovative platform for ethical hackers. With Intigriti, the jury chose a Belgian company that manages to impress with that platform. The jury is of the opinion that it is not only about a very high-quality platform, but that the company can now also present good references. The recent funding round of more than 4 million euros proves that this young company is also ready for further growth. ”

Other finalists in this category included Fortinet, Toreon, Orange Cyberdefense & Palo Alto Networks.

Watch the full announcement in this video (in English, starts at 09:19):

Recognition of faith in ethical hacking 

Stijn Jans, CEO at Intigriti: “Many people still have a negative association with hacking, while you can use the creativity of ethical hackers very well to make the internet a safer place. At Intigriti we ensure online security through a crowd sourced security platform for computer experts. Our platform bundles specialists that can legally test the defenses of enlisted companies through hacking. The ‘hackers’ get paid for doing what they love, while companies know what to enhance about their security. A win win. I see this award as a recognition of our faith and I am extremely proud of our team, where we stand today and the many customers we are able to protect.”

About the Data News Awards 

The Data News Awards for Excellence were organised for the ninth time this year and is one of the most prestigious Belgian ICT events. Data News is announcing no less than 14 exceptional awards, each one a symbol of excellence in its category. These awards are the result of a solid selection process by the editorial staff, the readers of Data News and a jury of ICT professionals.

The Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year award honors companies who deliver rigorous enterprise grade protection, while ensuring business continuity without disruption and loss in assets.

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