FT 1000: Intigriti named in the Financial Times’ top 500 fastest-growing European companies list

By Intigriti

March 9, 2023

FT 1000: Intigriti named in the Financial Times’ top 500 fastest-growing European companies list

Intigriti was one of seven Belgian companies to feature in the FT 1000 List of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies. 

Intigriti, the Belgium-based bug bounty and crowdsourced cybersecurity business, is pleased to announce it features in the Financial Times FT 1000 List of Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies. 

The last few years have not been kind to global economic development. The tail-end of the global pandemic meant some restrictions continued to hinder growth, and even when this finally subsided, Russia’s war in Ukraine imposed a new threat of economic recession. 

Given the difficult times, we’re immensely proud to see Intigriti break into the top 500 of the FT 1000, coming in at number 497, and one of seven Belgian businesses in the list. With tens of thousands of other businesses in the running, it’s a privilege to be recognized alongside so many other notable companies. 

FT 1000 

Breaking into the Financial Times business list is no simple feat, with the calculations being made across numerous areas to ensure it accurately reflects the claim of the fastest- growing companies. For example, it is required that at least €100,000 of revenue was generated in 2018, and at least €1.5m in 2021. Moreover, it requires things like the company must be completely independent (i.e. not a subsidiary brand) and the revenue growth must be organic.  

Our continued expansion has been a testament to both the service we are delivering, and the increasing value of crowdsourced security. And while of course we have been fighting a headwind of economic downturn, it should be said that cybersecurity is generally enduring due to continued rise of threats. In fact, Fortune Business Insights predicted the cybersecurity to grow from $155.83 billion in 2022 to USD 376.32 billion by 2029. 

As we saw earlier in the year, the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2023 saw cyber risks enter the top ten of key global risks for the first time. In light of this, it’s perhaps no wonder that more and more organizations are looking to protect themselves. At Intigriti, we believe a large part of current growth is through our recognition of the need for diversification in what you bring to the table. Every business faces slightly different challenges and occupies different stages along the road to mature security infrastructure. In order to stay competitive, we believe offering more than just bounty services is a vital part of how we deliver real value to clients.  

Topping the list is UK-based Tripledot Studio, a mobile games creator; a somewhat unusual category to top the list given the dominance of IT and software companies. Having said that, mobile games remain a technology-based business which continues the wider trend of tech dominating the growth in Europe. As the digital landscape continues to grow ever wider, how these platforms will adequately secure themselves becomes ever more crucial. 

Our Chief Hacking Officer, Inti de Ceuklaire, had this to say on the announcement: 
“We continue to invest in sustainable growth, and keep on diversifying our product offering with innovative concepts such as hybrid pentesting and some other very exciting projects in the making. Innovation is the best strategy in the journey towards exponential growth.” 

Check out the full list of companies here. 

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