Inti De Ceukelaire voted “IT Person of the Year”

By intigriti_inti

September 15, 2020

Inti De Ceukelaire voted “IT Person of the Year”

Computable selected Inti from a longlist of 55 nominated IT Professionals

Today it was announced that Inti de Ceukelaire (25), Head of Hackers at Intigriti, has been voted “IT Person of the Year” by Computable. He also has the honor of being the youngest winner ever. Inti has been selected from a long list of 55 Belgian candidates compiled by the magazine’s editors. The public votes were decisive for Computable to determine the final winner.

Opinion leader with an eye for nuance

Computable has chosen Inti as the ultimate winner because he is an ethical hacker, a global player in his field and an opinion leader with an eye for nuance.

“But above all, he is someone who attaches great importance to security and a safer world. In 2019 he launched an action in which he (with others) deposited money to a good cause, whenever someone protects his profile (better) by means of two-step authentication. ”


Thousands of critical security vulnerabilities resolved  

Inti de Ceukelaire is head of Intirgiti’s ethical hacker community, with more than 17,000 ethical hackers affiliated. As an ethical hacker, Inti knows better than anyone how to enter companies and institutions in creative ways. In Las Vegas he has already been crowned “Most Valuable Hacker” and gained international fame by manipulating a Twitter message from President Donald Trump. At Intigriti, Inti is committed to further growing the community and further expanding the company’s leadership position in the Benelux towards amongst others Germany and Scandinavia. 

In his spare time, Inti is still a hacker and inspires the community by being one of them: “When you represent a community of more than 17,000 ethical hackers, it is difficult to put all the praise on your own hat. I see this victory as a symbolic recognition of the efforts we have made as a growing community at Intigriti. Together we have been able to identify and help resolve thousands of critical security vulnerabilities. I am very proud of that. ”  

About the IT Person of the Year election  

The election was organized for the fifth time this year by Computable following the example of the American magazine Time. The editors compiled a long list of 55 candidates, for which the public could vote, resulting in a shortlist of five finalists. The jury has chosen the final IT Person on the basis of his or her business performance, management style, activities in the past year, (international) image and impact on the Belgian IT biotope. Winners of previous editions included Jonas Dhaenens, founder and CEO of Combell Group, Danielle Jacobs from Beltug and Dominique Leroy, CEO of Proximus.

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