Revamped Credential Management and Webhooks Integration

By Inti De Ceukelaire

September 18, 2023

Revamped Credential Management and Webhooks Integration

We are delighted to roll out two significant updates that will redefine how you manage your program credentials and integrate your applications through webhooks. Let’s unpack the exciting details! 

Revamped Credential Management

What is it about?

We reworked our credential management to flexible and autonomous proces with a CSV structured upload functionality. This initiative allows you to manage the test credentials of your program autonomously, supporting various user roles, multiple applications, and other custom setups. 

Why is it important?

Before, the rigid predefined CSV structure limited customers from managing their program test credentials independently. Now, you gain greater control, efficiency, and flexibility and reduce bottlenecks in the testing process.  

How does it work?

Program administrators can now add new credentials effortlessly by navigating to program > More > Credentials and selecting ‘Import from CSV’. For detailed information on the CSV file structure and limitations, refer to our documentation

Note: Previously uploaded credentials will continue to function seamlessly. You have multiple options to manage your existing credentials, including replenishing the current batch or uploading a fresh set. Moreover, we introduced a proactive reminder system that notifies you via email when the unclaimed credentials fall below 11, ensuring you never run out. 

Secure Webhook Setup

What is it about?

We are introducing a secure webhook setup that facilitates automatic, real-time notifications or data transmissions between applications upon specific event triggers. This setup improves your application’s communication, responsiveness, and user experience. 

Why is it important?

In the absence of webhooks, you might have experienced delayed and less automated data updates and interactions. The new webhook setup promises to eliminate inefficiencies, offering real-time updates and fostering automation and efficiency in your workflows. 

How does it work?

Setting up webhooks involves establishing a connection with one or more webhook URLs and integrating them with one or more Intigriti programs. The supported submission events include: 

  • Submission created 

  • Submission status updated 

  • Submission severity updated 

  • Submission message posted

Read our documentation for a detailed guide on the integration process. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback. Happy testing! 

The Intigriti Team 

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