Our latest integration – Slack 

By Intigriti

June 7, 2023

Our latest integration – Slack 

We’re happy to share that Intigriti now integrates with Slack, a top business communication tool used widely across industries. This feature allows automatic updates to be posted to your Slack channels whenever specified events take place. This enhancement streamlines your workflow and increases the efficiency of your vulnerability coordination process. 

What can you do with the Slack Integration? 

With Intigriti’s Slack integration, you can automatically post Slack messages based on four criteria: 

1. Submission created 

2. Submission status updated 

3. Submission severity updated 

4. Submission message posted 

How to set up the integration 

To take advantage of this exciting new feature, there are two main steps you need to take: 

  1. Link your Slack workspaces to Intigriti. 

  1. Establish an integration between your Intigriti programs and your Slack channels. 

For detailed guidance on setting up both the connections and integrations, please consult our comprehensive instructions available in the knowledge base

Keep in mind, if you’re working with multiple Slack workspaces, make sure you select the appropriate workspace when granting access permissions to Intigriti. Also, don’t forget to add the Intigriti app to any Slack channel where you’d like to post updates. You can do this by typing “@intigriti” and accepting the prompt to confirm the invitation. 

Removing connections and integrations 

If you decide to delete the connection, it’s important to note that it will also remove all the program Slack integrations that use this workspace connection. This can be done manually, or it will occur automatically if the Slack feature is deactivated by your customer success manager. However, erasing the connection or the integration does not uninstall the Intigriti app from your Slack workspace. 

Personalizing your integration 

A notable advantage of the Slack integration is its adaptability. Administrators have the flexibility to adjust the content and triggers of the messages to suit their needs. This includes the option to incorporate elements like submission code, domain, type, and severity. However, please be aware that sensitive submission information and the structure of the message cannot be included. 

Managing Your Integration 

After you’ve successfully added the Intigriti app to your chosen channel, you’re ready to activate the program Slack integration. If the activation process is successful, a confirmation message will appear in the channel. 

In case you encounter any issues during the activation, Slack error messages will be shown on the configuration page. Our troubleshooting guide is available for recommended solutions. 

You have the option to manually deactivate the integration, or it may be automatically deactivated under certain conditions – for example, if there’s a consistent failure in posting 5 messages for 15 times. If you choose to delete an integration, it will stop posting messages and remove the Slack integration setup from the program. 

Please note, deactivating or deleting the integration won’t uninstall the Intigriti app from your Slack channel, and earlier posted messages will still be accessible in the channel. 

We trust that this Slack integration will provide added ease to your vulnerability coordination tasks. Experience seamless, streamlined communication with the combined power of Intigriti and Slack! 

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