Introducing our new platform: what to expect

By intigriti_inti

October 23, 2019

We are nearing the launch date of our brand new platform and are glad to give you a first view on what is to come, while we are polishing the release version of the new application. We aim to release in the weeks to come, so make sure to keep an eye on our progress and plans on our blog.

Please be aware that, due to encryption, we are not able to migrate the draft submissions to the new platform. Please copy the contents of any draft submissions that you would like keep to a secure offline location and recreate them after go live.

What can you expect after this release?

We have built a brand new platform in order to better serve your needs. Looking ahead, some of the new functionalities you can expect are:

Better reporting

We have created a central submission management interface, allowing you to create and manage your drafts and submissions more intuitively. Not only have we optimized the dataset that needs to be completed for each submisson, we also have added the long expected inline images to the equation. Searching for programs, creating drafts and managing submissions has never been easier!

Leaderboard and streak

Instead of one single leaderboard, we introduce a 90-day rolling window leaderboard, as well as one for each month and quarter in the past. Streak will show the highest severity scored by any researcher in the last 90 days, allowing you to shine. The leaderboards will be ordered by the combination of reputation points and streak gained.

Domains and bounty tables

Our companies will be able to clearly define all different assets and domains that their programs consist of. A bounty level can be set for each of these domains and therefore payout amounts may vary per domain, depending on the ambition and focus in this area of the program.

Other approach to notifications

Instead of sending emails on every single program update, we will now prepare a daily digest for you. This digest will contain updates for all programs that you follow, have contributed to or could be interested in. Think of things like changed scopes, bounty amounts and general announcements.

New in this version is that you can disable these mails too, if you would like to prevent them from being sent.



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