Introducing report collaboration: split these bounties!

By intigriti_inti

January 18, 2021

At intigriti we are firm believers in the power of teamwork. Our community is growing rapidly, as is the amount of programs and awarded bounties. A good time to kick off a cool new set of features that has been on your (and our) wishlist for a while now.

We are really thrilled to announce that in the last month we have successfully been experimenting with researcher collaboration on several programs on the platform. Using this new feature, we allow researchers to add collaborators to their submissions and to automatically have us split the bounty rewards according to set preferences.

Since these tests were successful, we are glad to announce that we will be making this feature available for the majority of our programs. Let us walk you through its specs:

Add collaborators to a submission

You can easily see if a program allows for collaboration on the submission detail after submitting the report, since the submission detail will contain an extra panel called Collaborators. Using this panel you can easily enter the username of your fellow researcher(s) and click the add button to link them to the submission. Collaborating researchers should however already be part of the program (read: have access to its full program details) in order to be able to be joined to the submission, since we want to keep respecting program confidentiality rules.

Configure bounty split

Once added as a collaborator to the submission, you can configure (and preview) automated bounty split using weights in the same panel. These weights will automatically divide and trigger payouts to all collaborators on submission acceptance.

Coming next

Keep a keen eye out, since we will be refining this feature some more in the future. Among others, some new functionalities that we are currently looking into are:

  • Displaying if a program allows for collaboration on the program overview tile / program detail

  • Also providing an automated split on reputation points

  • Providing a formal acceptance flow / visibility on submission details when you are added as a collaborator on a submission

  • Providing your co-collaborators access to your report upon addition

We love to hear from you about how we can keep improving, so make sure to keep letting us know!

One more thing…

To celebrate more hackers working together, we’ve also revamped our quarterly leaderboard.
We may implement a dedicated leaderboard for teams, so you better start thinking of a good team name! 😉

Happy hunting!

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