Lighten up; Dark Theme is here! 

By Intigriti

July 22, 2022

Lighten up; Dark Theme is here! 

Dark theme is a popular request for every application, website, or operating system (OS) nowadays. There are many reasons for that; some are merely preferences in style, and others are accessibility and health concerns (I think most of us have gotten a headache from staring at overly bright screens for too long at some point!) Whatever the reason, it was about time that Intigriti would also be available in a dark theme.  

Not only is there an option to set your Intigriti dashboard to dark theme, but also an option to sync the setting with however your OS is configured. For example, users can configure their OS to always display in dark mode at night and light mode during the day – and the platform will follow suit. 

Ready to test dark mode? You’ll find the option to change available in your profile settings! 

What are the advantages of a “Dark Theme” ?

  • Cohesion with your OS: Depending on how your operation system (OS) is configured the Intigriti platform will change itself to a dark or light theme.

  • More battery, less charging. Research has shown that a dark theme can save up to almost 42% of battery. Perfect for hacking on the go ✈️🚅

  • Reduce blue light exposure: Switching your application to dark mode can help reduce blue light exposure.

  • Avoid screen glare: If you’re using a laptop in a dimly lit room, the brightness of the screen may be too high. Our dark theme will reduce the brightness of the screen to a comfortable level

  • It looks cool 😎

“Themes,” not just “Dark Theme” 

 If you dig a little deeper into the wording of the setting above, you’ll notice we opted to refer to this new feature as “Themes” rather than “Dark theme.” You may have guessed already, but that is a hint at the future possibility of introducing other theme options beyond just a dark and a light theme.  

Without going into too much technical detail, we changed some underlying architecture regarding our front-end design choices.  As a result, the possibility of implementing other themes in the future is available. So, if you have ideas, we are happy to hear them! 

A program overview that doesn’t blind you at night but with colors that pop! 

Share you feedback about our dark theme! 

This new update is a change centered around design and preference. Therefore, it is often tricky to anticipate the “best” solution. If you have feedback on the colored elements and contrasts we’ve opted for, please let us know! After all, as a valuable member of our community, your opinion is important.  

How to provide feedback 

We still have some planned design changes to the dark theme option, but further feedback is always welcome. Feel free to reach out to our team in whatever way you have available (if possible, include a screenshot). At the same time, we would also be very happy to forward positive feedback. So, if you think that something looks slick and cool in dark theme, let us know as well – our team will be delighted. 

The intigriti program shines in the dark as well! 

Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.

― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man 

What else have we got going on? 

The Onfido consent flow for getting your ID checked has changed slightly for researchers based in the US. The change was a requirement due to new legislation but doesn’t change anything functionally, only the wording on the consent flow: 

Why should you get ID checked? More info here: 

We have an exciting new upcoming change that will get its own blog post in due time. We’re not going to spoil all the excitement, but a mini-teaser is found in one of the screenshots. Can you spot it? 

Fun fact 

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology there is no direct evidence for blue light being bad for your eyesight.That’s a two-for-one, with one popular myth debunked while learning the obscure word for what I guess we would call “eye doctors”. But feel free to use dark theme anyway!   

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