File Attachments: Size Does Matter

By Intigriti

February 13, 2023

File Attachments: Size Does Matter

We are excited to announce our latest update, aimed at improving your experience on the Intigriti platform. With now increased file sizes and no file type restrictions for non-inline attachments, you can now securely share large files with ease. In this post, we’ll explore the changes in detail and help you get the most out of our new update.

Increased File Size

Our latest update increases the file size limit for both secure and non-secure files.

  • Inline attachments can now be up to 10 MB

  • Non-inline attachments can be up to 1 GB. This means that you can share larger files with ease. No need to upload and link a video-POC on a third-party host anymore! 😉 

Inline Attachments

Before, you could only upload up to 5mb, but now inline attachments can be up to 10 MB.

Non-inline Attachments

In addition to increased file size from 5 MB to 1 GB, our latest update also removes file type restrictions for non-inline attachments. This means that you can now attach any type of file, including images, videos, and audio files. Non-inline Attachments can be up to 1 GB. Time to step up the production value of your POC!  In 4k, maybe? 😉 

All attachments are application-level encrypted to make sure your sensitive data can’t be seen by imposters.

Removal of our API V2.0 Beta tag

We are pleased to announce that our beta release has now been removed, and our update is available for everyone to use. Our team has worked hard to ensure that all API features are stable and ready for use, and we are confident that you will enjoy the improved and new API endpoints.

Read everything about API v2.0 in changelog 34 and the ReadmMe document with an in-depth guide on how to set-up the API.

Fun fact

We organized an open port for hackers in our HQ in Antwerp. Hackers got the opportunity to have a chat with the people of Intigriti and exchange experiences about the platform. Which city is next? Let us know on Twitter

Does the idea of working in a promising, flexible and fulfilling environment inspire you? Discover careers at Intigriti by visiting our careers page or following us on LinkedIn. We look forward to your application!

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