Announcing Intigriti’s Brinqa Integration 

By Intigriti

March 20, 2024

Announcing Intigriti’s Brinqa Integration 

We’re happy to announce Intigriti’s latest partnership with Brinqa, a leader in vulnerability management. This integration marks a significant step forward in managing and prioritizing vulnerabilities on enterprise levels. 

What is Brinqa used for? 

Brinqa is a robust platform enabling organizations to effectively manage and mitigate cyber risk by using the Brinqa Connector framework. It provides integrated solutions for vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and asset management. By unifying data from diverse sources, Brinqa empowers informed decision-making. 

Key benefits of the Brinqa integration with Intigriti 

We’ve identified a range of compelling benefits when leveraging Brinqa alongside Intigriti:

  • Efficient data exchange: The Brinqa connector acts as a bridge between different systems. It allows seamless data exchange, ensuring that relevant information flows smoothly from one system to another. 

  • Automated data retrieval: With the connector in place, the customer can automate the extraction of data. This means less manual effort and more accurate, up-to-date information for analysis. 

  • Integration flexibility: Brinqa offers a library of connectors covering various functionalities (such as asset management, vulnerability monitoring, and threat intelligence). Customers can choose connectors that align with their specific needs. 

When the Brinqa integration with Intigriti will be set up, it will significantly enhance our workflow and reduce our workload. The time taken to process a submission will decrease significantly in terms of days, streamlining the initial steps of addressing vulnerabilities with our internal teams. This is a positive development for us, particularly benefiting researchers and consequently will greatly improve our overall security.

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Getting started with Intigriti’s Brinqa integration 

Setting up the integration is straightforward and designed to get you up and running with minimal effort: 

  1. Brinqa connector store: Go to the Brinqa connector store and search for Intigriti in the category Bug Bounty. 

  1. Configuration: Link your Intigriti account with Brinqa through our easy-to-use integration settings. 

  1. Data synchronization: Automatically synchronize vulnerability data from Intigriti to Brinqa, ensuring real-time insights and actions. 

  1. Customization: Tailor the integration to fit your unique risk management needs, choosing how data is categorized and prioritized. 

For a detailed walkthrough on setting up and maximizing the Brinqa integration, visit the Brinqa documentation or reach out to our support team. 

Missing an integration? Let us know! 

Your input drives our innovation. If there’s an integration you need but don’t see, reach out to us! Share your ideas and help shape the future of our platform. Together, we can make your cybersecurity workflow even smoother. 

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