Bug Bounty & Agile Pentesting Platform

The new OWASP Top 10 for 2021

OWASP top 10; Over the last 4 years, the cybersecurity field has continued to see incredible leaps forward at an unimaginable pace. As attacks that used to be prevalent 15 years ago are slowly dying out, new attack vectors are being discovered day in and day out. Security researchers and bug bounty hunters alike often […]

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Hacker Tools: Aquatone – Visualize your attack surface

On any website we visit, we’re stuck in a net of security measures keeping us from doing whatever we want. Bug bounty programs give us a unique opportunity to attempt to slip through the tiny holes in that net. However, whilst being focused on fine-grained hunting, we can often lose sight of the bigger picture.

This week, we’re going to discover how Aquatone can help us with that! Are you ready to take a deep dive into this amazing tool?

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