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What does it mean to become an Intigriti partner?  

The need for continuous security testing is quickly cementing bug bounty platforms as an integral part of cybersecurity infrastructure. However, it’s less often that cybersecurity technology and solution providers supply bug bounty programs in addition to their other offerings. This is not surprising, given the careful approach and expertise that crowdsourced security requires.   Fortunately, […]

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Edit & Remove Messages

TL;DR Changelog 39: Communication is key  Communicating with others about a bug or vulnerability that has been found and submitted as report is one of the necessary key features for a bug bounty platform. Communication between the relevant stakeholders should be quick, easy and transparent but also provide some assurance about the follow-up and help […]

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Yahoo’s 1337UP0822 live hacking event rallies researchers from around the world 

After putting in-person live hacking events on hold due to social distancing regulations and travel restrictions, Yahoo made a ground-breaking comeback this month with their 1337UP0822 event. The global media and tech company combined forces with Intigriti to host their first in-person live hacking event in more than two years.  Today, we’re highlighting noteworthy performances […]

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How improved its security posture with a bug bounty program’s story began in 1999 with the sending of SMS messages to update nightclub and festival visitors. Today, it is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. Sándor Incze is CISO at—a job that involves ensuring the cybersecurity for all of’s platform offerings.  Having seen significant improvements in’s security posture […]

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Considerations for running an internal bug bounty program

Internal bug bounty programs only invite employees of the company to participate. Although, sometimes, companies will leverage their internal teams and external security researchers to maximize the skills base doing the testing.  As somebody who successfully set up an internal bug bounty program for a former employer, I’ve already given my take on the benefits […]

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Visma’s Bug Bounty Program Manager speaks to Intigriti about the practice of running a successful program

Visma is a leading provider of cloud software solutions in Europe and Latin America. With around one million public and private sector customers for their software solutions across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the organization works continuously to maintain a robust security posture. In this interview, we speak to one […]

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