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Intigriti launches fast lane program to incentivise cybersecurity research

Today, we are launching the first ‘fast lane’ program that enables security researchers to monetize novel cybersecurity research prior to public disclosure. The initiative aims to effectively connect finders of emerging threats with affected organisations, allowing them to prepare and respond in a timely manner. This allows researchers to collect monetary ‘bug bounties’ for all participating companies, maximising their return on investment before releasing their work to the public.  “Every year, one way or another, someone manages to break […]

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The Intigriti Leaderboard: What is it and how does it impact your program?

If you’re watching the Olympic Games, you’ll know that the leaderboard shows the top-performing countries based on the successes of their athletes. In the case of Intigriti’s Leaderboard, the athletes are an elite team of ethical hackers, and their arena is an ever-expanding attack surface that evolves at Darwinian-like speed. The competition? Hidden vulnerabilities embedded […]

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