Intigriti’s Trust Center: An open view into how we keep you safe 

By Anna Hammond

October 11, 2022

Intigriti’s Trust Center: An open view into how we keep you safe 

As a cybersecurity company, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we’re passionate about ensuring the safety of data and assets. This, of course, goes beyond just providing it to our clients. As guarders of sensitive customer data, it is imperative that our own safety measures are constantly under review. This is why we’ve created the Intigriti Trust Center—an open and live channel through which you can access resources and view our security posture in real-time. 

Vendor procurement meetings often are long, tedious and time intensive processes where the vendor needs to convince the customer they have things in order. In some cases, this might even lead to the vendor convincing the customer they have their security in order while that might not be the case. We believe our customers deserve better; in fact, the best. 

While most businesses cover the essential bases, such as the relevant security certificates, we felt that this merely gives a snapshot of a company’s status. So, in the spirit of delivering continuous security as we do with our clients, we wanted to take a similarly proactive approach with ourselves. People need to have 100% assurance we are doing the best we can in safeguarding their data, and automating unambiguous controls felt like the right thing to do. 

Intigriti’s Trust Center: Key features 

Aimed to provide a trustworthy and transparent look into our security at Intigriti, the Trust Center contains: 

  • A live dashboard monitoring and displaying our security posture controls, both technical and non-technical 

  • Links to all relevant documentation and resources, such as our ISO 27001 certificate and a brand new security whitepaper 

  • A FAQ section covering any crucial security inquiries you may have. 

Where some companies typically provide basic dashboards, our trust center is quite literally connected to our controls to emphasize the transparency of our security measures. For us, merely telling your customer base that you deploy Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is incomparable to actually proving it in an automated fashion. 

In addition to being able to download our ISO 27001 certificate, we also provide links to our platform processes documentation and our security whitepaper—the latter giving an in-depth guide to how Intigriti structures and manages the safekeeping of customer data. 

Our FAQ section works to provide a faster method of answering the key questions that typically crop up during the procurement process. As security experts, we understand the importance that these questions have when approaching any new security solution, so for ease the answers are permanently accessible. 

Explore the dashboard here for yourself, or watch this quick video walkthrough with our Head of Security, Niels Hofmans. 

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