The Intigriti Ethical Hacker Insights Report 2021 educates on how to counter cybersecurity weaknesses

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June 2, 2021

The Intigriti Ethical Hacker Insights Report 2021 educates on how to counter cybersecurity weaknesses

1 in 3 cybersecurity vulnerabilities may never get dealt with

Antwerp (Belgium), June 1st, 2021 – The advent of a no-touch, online society has seen countless organisations embracing the power of online business operations and a distributed workforce. But, with an increase in cybercriminal activity, it’s clear companies need a security strategy that doesn’t just work against hackers, but embraces them. 

Intigriti, the global bug bounty platform and fastest-growing ethical hacker community, wants to arm organisations with the knowledge they need to strengthen their cybersecurity posture through continuous security testing. Its new Ethical Hacker Insights Report 2021 collates years of expertise, best practice guidelines, and personality profiles from its vast community of bug bounty hunters to help companies prepare for a new generation of modern hackers. 

44% of security risks submitted directly to businesses without a disclosure program aren’t heard 

A recent in-house inquiry with Intigriti’s community on how they report vulnerabilities outside of a bug bounty program revealed that 70% have identified vulnerabilities before but found no vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) to report it. Of that group, 12% didn’t escalate the report. For those that did, 32% of them said the report got lost in the process or weren’t sure whether it was successfully reported. Potentially, that’s 44% of risks that remain undetected and open for exploitation.  

Intigriti wants to increase awareness on just how much of a difference an assisting hacker can have on the cybersecurity of any modern digital infrastructure. 

Slicker than your average, but not your average hacker 

The Ethical Hacker Insights Report delves into the benefits of activating an ethical hacking community via a bug bounty platform: 

  • 71% of companies get a high to critical submission within the first 48 hours of an Intigriti bug bounty program being launched. 

  • 53 vulnerabilities is the average number of vulnerabilities submitted within a week. 

The report outlines that the most popular hacker age spans between 18-24 years old, that 80% works in IT, and that most of their bug bounty revenue gets reinvested in educating their youngsters. 

It also shows the typical characteristics of an ethical hacker today, such as their motivations to be the best at what they do while maintaining a community mindset and ambition to help others.  

“We’re weeding out the common misconception of the hacker who misuses his talents for quick-win hustle scams, on whatever scale,” adds Inti De Ceukelaire, Head of Hackers at Intigriti. “Our ethical hacking business approach turns deep-tech expertise into a constructive and profitable experience for everyone in our community, and a cyber secure society for all. The Ethical Hacker Insights Report shows what we do, for whom, and to what end. The creativity of our hackers tackles blissful ignorance, boosts cybersecurity, and builds safer work environments. It’s the ultimate industry security hack.”  

The proof of the company reputation is in the hacking 

Intigriti has impacted the security level transformation of some of the biggest companies, including DPG Media, Randstad, Showpad, Visma, Tomorrowland, Brussels Airlines, Kinepolis, and the European Commission – to name but a few. Recognised as a leading name in ethical hacking and bug bounty platforms, Intigriti continues to expand its portfolio of services by supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes across countless industry verticals.  

“Investing in ethical hacking is investing in your company’s reputation,” comments Intigriti CEO and Founder Stijn Jans on the importance of leveraging a bug bounty platform that knows its markets and regional sensitivities. “Running an ethical hacking program can save companies needless security headaches and money, and will empower them to operate online with renewed confidence.” 

If you can’t beat them, join the webinar 

The Intigriti Ethical Hacker Insights Report underlines the growing importance of trusting the expertise and insight of hackers in helping to keep companies, data, and society safe from malicious, cybersecurity attacks. Inti De Ceukelaire will be hosting a webinar on June 22nd at 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM BST to discuss key insights in detail, and answer questions on the cybersecurity benefits of leveraging ethical hacking.  

The webinar is free for everyone, but registration is mandatory:  

The Ethical Hacker Insights report can be downloaded via:   

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About Intigriti – Agile Security Testing Powered by the Crowd 

Intigriti helps companies protect themselves from cybercrime. Our community of ethical hackers provide continuous, realistic security testing to protect our customer’s assets and brand. 

Our highly engaged community of ethical hackers challenge our customers’ security against realistic threats — we test in precisely the same way malicious hackers do. Intigriti goes beyond traditional pentesting or bug bounty programs; our customers appreciate our advanced guidance and unmatched agility. 

Our interactive platform features real-time reports of current vulnerabilities and commonly identifies crucial vulnerabilities within 48 hours. Researchers can earn up to €50,000 for reporting a single bug on the platform, and to date, we have paid more than €3M in bounties. 

Founded in 2016, Intigriti set out to conquer the limitations of traditional security testing. Today, the company is widely recognised for its innovative approach to security testing, impacting both customers’ security awareness and security researcher’s lives. Our community means everything to us. We help ethical hackers craft a non-traditional career, doing the work they love and getting paid fairly. 

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