Crowdsourced ethical hacking platform Intigriti raises €4M+

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June 25, 2020

Europe’s leading crowdsourced cybersecurity firm Intigriti has announced that it has raised €4.14 million in their Series A round, led by European based venture capital firm ETF partners. ETF partner Remy de Tonnac (previous CEO Gemalto / INSIDE secure) will join the board of directors. The investment will be used to strengthen the hacker-powered security platform’s key position in Europe and internationally as well as to develop specific programmes for companies delivering sustainable solutions.

By harnessing the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, Intigriti connects over 15,000 ethical hackers from 130 different countries with organizations to test and improve their security. Intigriti transforms traditional testing techniques to a more dynamic and data-driven approach through continuous pentesting, bug bounty and asset monitoring solutions. This approach is the evolution of security testing and is more suitable for today’s dynamic environment. 

Intigriti was founded in 2016 by its CEO, Stijn Jans, then an experienced cyber security consultant and entrepreneur who saw the need for a company like Intigriti in the market. Together with his strong team in Belgium, Stijn has developed one of the market-leading ethical hacking security companies with over 75 customers and the most engaged ethical hacking community in Europe.

Stijn Jans, CEO: “In the past companies’ security was tested once a year, but today’s companies are agile and fast moving and so should the solutions protecting them be.
A company can easily have 20 software releases per day – meaning that they should also be tested every day! Collaborating with a community is the new normal and by working with the ethical hacking community companies can develop and innovate at a faster speed, knowing that their assets are continuously being tested.

By working with the ethical hacking community companies can develop and innovate at a faster speed, knowing that their assets are continuously being tested.
Stijn Jans, CEO Intigriti

Intigriti is directing significant resources to grow its support for organisations working to deliver sustainable technologies. Sustainable solutions based on the introduction of new technologies such as sensors, cloud computing, AI, or automation are being developed and implemented at an unprecedented pace for people, cities and industries – allowing them to thrive whilst reducing the environmental impact. But a lot of these digital and decentralized systems are vulnerable to malicious hackers, as they hold lots of personal data, with backdoor access points to critical infrastructure,” said Remy de Tonnac, Partner at ETF. “But, hackers are not all bad, far from it! Intigriti’s “crowd” of ethical hackers are perfectly positioned to address the needs of the sustainable economy, securing vital sectors such as smart cities, IoT systems, smart grids, connected cars and the sharing economy.”

Remy de Tonnac (previous CEO Gemalto / INSIDE secure) will join the board of directors

“Last year, our community successfully detected and resolved more than 10,000  vulnerabilities for our clients. We have already broken this record for 2020,” says ethical hacker Inti De Ceukelaire, who is responsible for the management and expansion of the hacker community. “Today, more and more cyber security professionals are looking for ways to do what they love to do, when they want and where they want. Our platform makes it possible to contribute to the cyber security of international organisations, and to win rewards of up to 50,000 euros without having to leave your home. This is a new, more sustainable way of working, which will change consultancy forever”.

About Intigriti

Intigriti is a pioneering cyber security organisation that channels its community of ethical hackers to test their clients’ websites, applications and infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Intigriti works with over 75 clients across a wide array of verticals, from small tech start-ups to large banks and airlines. The team works together with Europe’s largest ethical hacking community, and, with their strong focus on innovation and outstanding customer service Intigriti will continue to grow internationally.

About ETF

ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience. Our funds come from institutional investors, global corporations and family offices. We create value by investing in technology organisations that make a difference. We call it ‘sustainability through Innovation’. For more insight into ETF Partners’ view on Sustainability through Innovation, please read our investor briefings.

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