What does it mean to become an Intigriti partner?  

By Anna Hammond

October 4, 2022

What does it mean to become an Intigriti partner?  

The need for continuous security testing is quickly cementing bug bounty platforms as an integral part of cybersecurity infrastructure. However, it’s less often that cybersecurity technology and solution providers supply bug bounty programs in addition to their other offerings. This is not surprising, given the careful approach and expertise that crowdsourced security requires.  

Fortunately, at Intigriti, we’re ensuring that cybersecurity companies can offer the benefits of bug bounties—without the complexities of setting them up — through our partnership scheme.  

Modern challenges facing security teams 

Across most technology-led industries, organizations are experiencing two overarching challenges in protecting against the latest cyber threats. 

1. Current security systems are not suited to modern environments

Legacy security systems tend to run penetration tests (pentests) on an annual basis and with a specific scope. A significant downside of this method is that any undiscovered vulnerabilities may remain like that for quite some time. 

2. Continuous development requires continuous testing 

Static pentesting is particularly problematic considering today’s fast-paced release cycle, where agility and readiness to change are central to the success of product development. Updates today are typically made daily, if not hourly. While pentesting is appropriate for some occasions, adding a layer of continuous testing is more suitable for current development cycles. 

3. New emerging threats

New threats are emerging as hackers look to find every possible entry point. With digitalization pervading every industry, we’re seeing the opportunity rise for malicious hackers. Maintaining awareness of the latest tools and techniques is essential to stay ahead of the curb.

4. Limited security resources 

More often than not, the resources of security professionals are spread thin, severely limiting the protection they can provide. Providing the continuous testing needed through internal means is simply unrealistic. 

All in all, the current architecture is ill-equipped to provide the continuous attention needed. 

How does becoming an Intigriti partner work?  

Bug bounty programs offer continuous coverage, flexibility in scope, and cost efficiency as you only pay for the vulnerabilities found. Security teams finding themselves overwhelmed by the current speed of development can rest assured their attack surface is under watch.  

An Intigriti partner can come in two different formats to suit varying needs: 

1. Referral Partnerships: A hands-off approach 

Referral partnerships are for those looking to provide their clients with crowdsourced protection but face the challenge of being able to give the solution dedicated attention due to time, resources, and expertise. The partnership therefore involves your organization setting up a meeting between your client and Intigriti, after which our team will manage and own the process directly.   

What are the benefits of a Referral Partnership? 

Referring Intigriti to your customer base will satisfy their interests in crowdsourced security and allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market. Our platform is solely dedicated to bug bounty programs and vulnerability disclosure, meaning we can provide your clients with the strongest expertise in this field.  

Not only will you receive a fixed commission on any deals closed, but you’ll also gain upselling opportunities as clients further discover the importance of enhanced protection. Our Ethical Hacking Insight Report found that 23% of the vulnerabilities found through Intigriti in 2021 were deemed high impact. With bug bounty programs often finding such critical bugs, it demonstrates the need for a robust security infrastructure.  

Maintaining transparency in these partnerships is a priority, so you’ll gain access to all sales and marketing materials used by our team.  

2. Reseller Partnerships: Add Intigriti to your security portfolio 

Reseller Partnerships apply to cybersecurity players wanting to drive the security maturity of their clients while playing a more active role in the procurement process. Though we still provide sales training and materials, you oversee and drive the sales journey while leaving us to handle all the services of our platform. 

What are the benefits of a Reseller Partnership? 

Adding dedicated crowdsourced security to your market offering will set you apart and satisfy specific tender requirements. Furthermore, combining your services with Intigriti’s creates a more holistic and thorough security package that captures every advantage of the various approaches.   

On top of this, there’s the opportunity for co-marketing activities such as webinars, trade shows and live hacking events. As an Intigriti Partner, you’ll be able to use our brand to communicate your commitment to providing continuous testing.  

Speaking on Kiwa’s latest partnership with Intigriti, Bart Scholten, Commercial Manager IoT Security at Kiwa, said:   

Kiwa is extremely proud of our new partnership with Intigriti. With the power and creativity of Intigriti’s community, we enable our customers to test their online assets continuously and strengthen their cybersecurity. This collaboration is a great extension to our current activities in the field of cybersecurity, such as ISO 27001, NEN 7510 & IEC 62443. It allows us to help our customers to take the next step in their risk-based cybersecurity approach.”

Take dedicated crowdsourced security with you to market 

Current challenges are demonstrating the integral role that bug bounties will play in future architectures. By partnering with us, you can answer client pain points and deliver the benefits of continuous testing through a provider devoted to this service. Avoid the set-up complexities and absence of expertise by teaming up with Intigriti. 

Interested in becoming an Intigriti partner? Get in touch with our partnership team. And for more Intigriti updates, explore our blog

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