Intigriti’s Trust Center – An interview with our Head of Security, Niels Hofmans 

By Anna Hammond

November 8, 2022

Intigriti’s Trust Center – An interview with our Head of Security, Niels Hofmans 

Intigriti’s Trust Center is an exciting new feature of Intigriti, so we thought a one-on-one interview with its mastermind would help people understand what it’s all about

Intigriti: Hi Niels! Diving straight in, what is the Trust Center in a sentence? 

Niels: Intigriti’s Trust Center is a live dashboard connected to our platform that displays our security posture in real-time while also providing all relevant security resources and documentation.

Intigriti: What led you to create the Trust Center? 

Niels: For anyone who’s experienced them before, it’s well known that procurement meetings can be long and arduous processes. Going through each security compliance element and ensuring everything is up to scratch is time-consuming and often involves answering the same questions again and again. It is, however, critically important for businesses that they are assured these boxes are ticked. 

We wanted to find a way to answer all these questions autonomously and provide a live view into Intigriti’s security posture. For the procurement meetings, it’s a huge time-saver as people can check our security without having to go through it all meticulously with a member of our team. 

Then from a ‘brand’ perspective, the Trust Center is a great way of showing our commitment to internal security. Its transparency into our inner workings makes it easier for people to be confident that we’re highly trustworthy when it comes to protecting the data and assets we hold.

Intigriti: Why do you think it is so vital that companies like Intigriti have a Trust Center? 

Niels: From our perspective, we were noticing the growing importance of securing the ‘supply chain’ involved communicating our security posture to stakeholders. By centralizing our security in the form of a Trust Center, we’re simplifying the process. 

Additionally, there is a firm belief that security companies simply have a duty to excel at security compliance. After all, you wouldn’t want to get fashion advice from someone with terrible clothes! 

Intigriti: How does Intigriti’s Trust Center differ from similar services? 

Niels: The critical difference with our Trust Center is its ‘live’ aspect. The dashboard is connected directly to our security controls so that if there’s a change, it can be monitored as it happens. This includes things like our cloud infrastructure and endpoint detection system. 

Its live nature means it’s directly auditable by any customer or individual, including ourselves! Comparably, other security databases tend to be a lot more static, only stating security compliance without actually showing it. 

On top of this, we provide several comprehensive resources relating to security at Intigriti, which we believe give a much more in-depth look into what we do to keep our clients’ data safe. It’s all about removing any possible barriers or opaqueness about the systems we have in place. 

A snapshot of Intigriti’s Trust Center

Intigriti: What’s next for the Trust Center?  

Niels: Improving security is not a task that is ever truly complete, and we fully intend on building it out further where we can. One section that will undoubtedly benefit from continuous attention is our FAQ section, which provides answers to some of the most common questions we get and once again helps to speed things along in procurement. There’s also scope in the future to add more connected controls to the Trust Center, with things like GDPR controls or phishing simulation results. 

Ultimately, we want to make sure the Trust Center delivers an impact on our overall company mission. We provide bug bounty programs and Pentesting as a Service to help companies feel confident that their systems are safe, and we can do this much more proficiently when we have a strong foundation of our own security.  

Visit the Trust Center here and stay tuned for more security updates in the Intigriti blog

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