Intigriti’s first live hacking event raises €16.200 for charity

By intigriti_inti

December 24, 2018

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, we invited ten elite hackers to our office to find vulnerabilities in some of Belgium’s largest corporations. For every security bug that was smashed, the participating companies donated at least €50 to a hacker-chosen charity. At the end of the day, €16.200 was raised for Clinicoders, a youth organisation that organises programming workshops for chronically-ill children.

For eight hours straight, our team of ethical hackers focussed on multiple targets, ranging from mobile applications to complex web applications. @MattiBijnens from the ‘Belgian Red Daemons’-CTF team had himself a day, discovering the first vulnerability 20 minutes after the start and celebrating his birthday with the hacker community.

We celebrated @MattiBijnens’ birthday with a custom cake and party hats.

One of our favorite aspects about live hacking events is the collaboration between hackers. Teamwork and knowledge sharing resulted in the discovery of multiple vulnerabilities that wouldn’t have been found individually.

Elite hacker @ArneSwinnen dropping some knowledge bombs

When hacking ended and the smoke cleared up, delicious pizzas were served and all participating hackers were awarded a unique trophy.

‘Hacking For Life’ participants posing with their trophies

We handed over the cheque to Clinicoders at Music For Life, one of Belgium’s largest charity events. The whole event was broadcasted live on radio and television. You can watch our appearance here.

Watch us handing over the cheque live on television

A huge “thank you” to thank all participating companies and hackers that have helped to make this possible. Encouraged by the success of this event, we will continue organizing live hacking events in 2019. If you are interested in participating as a hacker or target, let us know at

Hacky holidays!

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