Oda launches a Public Bug Bounty: A Commitment to Enhanced User Trust 

By intigriti

September 4, 2023

Oda launches a Public Bug Bounty: A Commitment to Enhanced User Trust 

Oda launches its public bug bounty platform, marking a strategic move in bolstering online security. With a keen focus on user safety, this initiative aims to identify and rectify digital vulnerabilities. This move not only underscores Oda’s commitment to security but also promises to enhance the trust and experience for its users. 

The Past Challenges 

Before this initiative, Oda primarily depended on a straightforward “security.txt” method. This approach required individuals to report any security findings directly to the security team via email. While this did lead to some valuable discoveries, it also opened the floodgates to numerous low-quality reports and even scams. 

With a lean security team, the challenge was evident. The team was spending an inordinate amount of time sifting through these reports, many of which were not of high quality. Moreover, Oda’s security team was skeptical about the traditional “yearly pentest” model. This model typically involves a limited number of experts examining a site within a restricted timeframe. Oda believed that their resources would be better utilized by establishing a bug bounty program. Such a program would invite a larger pool of researchers, boasting diverse skills and backgrounds, to scrutinize their site more consistently. 

Engaging with a Broader Community 

After operating their private bug bounty program for 1.5 years, Oda observed that high-quality reports were becoming rarer. This observation led them to consider the potential benefits of expanding their program. By making it public, they aim to attract more researchers, thereby increasing the chances of uncovering significant vulnerabilities. Transitioning from an “invite-only” model to a “registered” one, and now going public, seems like a natural progression for Oda. 

Objectives of the Public Bug Bounty 

At its core, Oda’s primary goal remains unchanged: to safeguard the data of its thousands of users. They understand the importance of trust in the digital realm. By ensuring the security of their platform, they aim to reinforce their users’ trust, ensuring they continue to rely on Oda for their online grocery shopping needs. 

The Road Ahead 

Launching a public bug bounty program is a testament to Oda’s commitment to security. It’s a clear signal that they are not only serious about security but are also transparent about it. They encourage ethical hackers to test their platform, ensuring it remains robust against potential threats. 

However, Oda acknowledges that launching a public program is just the beginning. To maintain high engagement levels, they plan to introduce initiatives like “bonus weeks” and announce any new technological integrations or services. This approach ensures that their platform remains under continuous scrutiny, adapting to the ever-evolving digital threats. 

While Oda hasn’t yet explored the Live Hacking Event (LHE), it’s something they might consider down the line. As of now, they have no additional programs in the pipeline. However, they are open to the idea of a hybrid pen-test, especially if it becomes a compliance requirement or if major business partners express the need. 

You can find Oda’s public bounty bounty program here.

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