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MuuseLabs protects children’s IoT devices through Intigriti’s ethical hacking platform

As an Internet of Things (IoT) start-up that sells children’s devices online, MuuseLabs needed to ensure it had a bulletproof cybersecurity strategy. Being a small team, MuuseLabs couldn’t run their own security program as well as carrying out business-as-usual activities. To get the support they needed, the start-up hired Intigriti to help.  “The biggest change is that we have moved from doing regular security reviews to continuous […]

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Kinepolis Improves IT Security through a Global Network of Ethical Hackers

The leading international cinema company connects with security researchers from all over the world on Intigriti’s ethical hacking platform. Why? To protect customer data and improve the security of their systems. Kinepolis had great partnerships in place for traditional security testing procedures but they decided to take it one step further. “Having access to Intigriti’s […]

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