Bug Bytes #195 – LastPass discovery, learning to code, and a complete guide to SSRF

By travisintigriti

March 8, 2023

Bug Bytes is a weekly newsletter curated by members of the bug bounty community. The second series is curated by InsiderPhD. Every week, she keeps us up to date with a comprehensive list of write-ups, tools, tutorials and resources.

This issue covers the weeks from February 27th to March 5th


Intigriti News

From my notebook

  1. LastPass says employee’s home computer was hacked and corporate vault taken

  2. Live Recon: Interviewing a Hacker – @rez0

  3. Web Cache Poisoning” which I utilized to deface/disable the target web application in the realtime

  4. A New Vector For “Dirty” Arbitrary File Write to RCE

  5. Code Literacy is a super power for hackers

Other Amazing Things

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