Bug Bytes #182 – Infosec twitter migrates to Mastodon, Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass and Next-Gen Spidering with Katana

By travisintigriti

November 16, 2022

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This issue covers the weeks from November 7th until November 13th.


Intigriti News

From my notebook

There has been some great blog posts this week but I think the whole community was wowed by the lock screen bypass on the Google Pixel and the new tool from project discovery Katana, promising a next-gen spidering tool. I’ve also included Awesome API security which has a ton of API resources, with bugs, how tos, tools and CTFs you can practice on.

  1. Accidental $70k Google Pixel Lock Screen Bypass

  2. SMS Multifactor Authentication in Antarctica

  3. Chaining Path Traversal with SSRF to disclose internal git repo data in a Bank Asset

  4. Katana – A next-generation crawling and spidering framework

  5. Awesome API security

Other Amazing Things

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