Bug Bytes #178 – Hacking Banks, Fixing Console Commands and Going Full-Time Bug Hunting

By travisintigriti

October 19, 2022

Bug Bytes is a weekly newsletter curated by members of the bug bounty community. The second series is curated by InsiderPhD. Every week, she keeps us up to date with a comprehensive list of write-ups, tools, tutorials and resources.

This issue covers the weeks from October 9th until October 15th.


Intigriti News

From my notebook

This week’s theme is about finding those unique bugs no one has ever found, bug bounty is competition with the reward only given to the first to find a bug. I often recommend what I call low-competition bug bounty hunting, so my top 5 for this week are all thoughts/advice on how to stop competing with everyone else and start finding new unique bugs.

If you’re looking in the same place as other people, you’re now in a race against the clock rather than one of skill

Other Amazing Things

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