Top 20 bug bounty YouTube channels to follow in 2021!

By Anna Hammond

December 31, 2021

After last year’s edition of our “Top 20 bug bounty Youtube channels” blog post, you should all know by now how important content creators are to Intigriti. We really appreciate all the time and hard work they are putting into enabling a new wave of hackers and security researchers!

Over the last 12 months, we have seen new people arising on the horizon, existing creators throwing out bangers as usual, but also channels changing their trajectory and content a little bit.

As last year, we want to take a moment to say “THANK YOU” to all the creators out there. Please share your love with all of them by following their channels and donate to their support accounts if you can. Intigriti is sending out swag vouchers to all those wonderful people!

Our list of 20 bug bounty channels was handpicked by the Intigriti community team. However, we have gone ahead and changed the ranking criteria a little bit. While we purely looked at the subscriber count in 2020, we tried to rank everyone after the amount and quality of bug bounty related content, all creators have contributed in the year of 2021.

We know that there are probably a thousand people out there who would deserve the recognition but we wanted to limit this post to 20 channels. If you don’t find your favourite hackfluencer, please feel free to add their channel in a comment to our post on Twitter!

Next to all those great channels, we also want you to check out our very own Intigriti Youtube channel where you can find bug bounty tips, hacking tool reviews, interviews and more with new videos coming out multiple times a week!

PS: We also have 2 honorable mentions in the end!

1. InsiderPhd

40,7k subscribers – support on Patreon

InsiderPhd is a UK-based university professor and part-time bug bounty hunter. She regularly releases educational videos on different aspects of bug bounty. Some are vulnerability tutorials with demos, others tackle the planning side of bug bounties (e.g. taking effective notes, how to choose programs, goal setting, motivation…). This unique approach is particularly interesting to beginners seeking to learn the technical side of bug hunting without getting overwhelmed, and how to find their first bugs.

Sample video: “How I found my first bug”


101k subscribers – support on Patreon

With his distinctive looks and vaporware aesthetic vibes, STÖK has taken the bug bounty world by storm. He is a vegan trained chef, IT consultant turned sustainable fashion store owner, bug bounty hunter and keynote speaker. His videos include a weekly educational show called Bounty Thursdays, talks on how to approach bug hunting, motivational speeches, fun coverage of the bug bounty life, tutorials and more. Positivity guaranteed after watching his videos!


3. Bug Bounty Reports Explained

26,3k subscribers – support on his own platform

Grzegorz Niedziela takes you on journey through vulnerabilities that were made public. He focuses on the details of super technical findings, giving the viewer a better understanding about what was going on. This is an excellent way to learn about advanced vulnerabilities and bug chains especially for visual learners.

Sample video: “Adding infinite funds to your Steam wallet – $7,500 bug bounty report”

4. NahamSec

55,4k subscribers – support on his own platform

NahamSec is one of the most influential bug hunters and has an incredibly positive impact on the bug bounty community. He is known for interviewing some of the best bug bounty hunters, live hacking streams, tutorials and vlogs. You’ll also find on his channel talks from conferences he co-organised. Not only did they involve hackers presenting cutting-edge techniques (with a focus on Web hacking), they also helped raise thousands of dollars for charity!

Sample video: “I Hacked Red Bull and All I Got Was This!”

5. Farah Hawa

35,1k subscribers

Farah Hawa is a bug hunter and security operations engineer who has a talent for explaining the most complex web vulnerabilities in an easy to understand manner. In her unique style, she goes straight to the point and tells you only what you need to know in order to rapidly grasp a vulnerability. In her latest video, she also takes you on trip with her through San Francisco!

Sample video: “MY BUG BOUNTY JOURNEY!”

6. Codingo

10,3k subscribers

Codingo is known as the creator and maintainer of multiple tools for Web security testing such as Interlace, Crithit or Reconnoitre. Codingo is putting huge effort into sweeping misconceptions out of the way if it comes to bug bounty. His channel also features a lot of insights about common mistakes and what you need to know about bug bounty before you start out.

Sample video: “Why do you Duplicate so much with Bug Bounties?”

7. RogueSMG

3,35k subscribers

RogueSMG is a part-time bug hunter who is sharing his journey as he is learning Web Application Security. In each video, he dives into a specific question related to bug hunting. This includes reconnaissance, methodology, what to do after recon, which tools to use at each step, pitfalls to avoid, etc. If you want to learn about these topics and like memes, you’ll probably enjoy this channel!

Sample video: “5 Reasons you suck at Bug Bounties”

8. Rana Khalil

13,1k subscribers – support on her own platform

Rana Khalil is a security assessment specialist and part-time bug bounty hunter. On her channel, she focusses on solving every lab of Portswigger’s Web Security Academy. Rana always starts off with a general guide video about a specific vulnerability followed by demonstrating the solution to a handful of labs.

Sample video: “Introduction to the Web Security Academy Series”

9. John Hammond

332k subscribers – support on Patreon

John Hammond is a true legend when it comes to capture the flag contests. Like his name name-twin from Jurassic Park, John is a passionate creator and a humble community member. You may know him from the popular CTF challenges he created for NahamCon and HacktivityCon. What really sets John apart that he’s not only so good at creating challenges, but also explaining how they work and how you can solve them, educating others and helping them to reach the next level.

Sample video: “TryHackMe! Basic Penetration Testing”

10. Vickie Li

4,66k subscribers – support on buymeacoffee

Vickie Li has a strong focus on secure development but also web app security. Vickie Li does a great job in visualizing the basic concepts of vulnerabilities in her unique hand-scribbled way. Next to that, she offers videos about career development, interviews with well-known infosec people and automated vulnerability detection.

Sample video: “Career and Community building with Bug Bounties | NahamCon Panel”

11. Tib3rius

7,28k subscribers – support on Udemy

Tib3rius has started just about a year ago to stream about everything hacking related. You can find recordings of his live streams on his channel walking you through TryHackMe boxes, showing you solutions to Portswigger lab boxes, but also setting you up with knowledge around Burp Suite. If you prefer watching his sessions live, make sure to tune in every other Monday for his “Cyber Mentoring Monday” series.

Sample video: “How to understand user privileges faster (using Firefox Multi-Account Containers)”

12. Hacking Simplified

9,15k subscribers

Hacking Simplified has also just started a little over a year ago to take you on his learning path directly with him. Make sure to check out his great content covering a wide range from bug bounty tips to cybersecurity career guidance, over to the analysis of famous breaches and hacks. He also has a strong focus on Android pentesting which is still pretty unique these days.

Sample video: “Intent Redirection (Access to Protected Components) | Android Pentesting”

13. PwnFunction

109k subscribers

It’s hard to find the right words for pwnFunction’s Youtube channel. Let’s start with a question. Do you like penguins? If the answer is yes, then you should get hooked now! Okay one more. Do you like stellar animations? Also yes, okay, you already wanna hit that subscribe button below. pwnFunction has the most beautiful looking videos explaining you the concepts of various vulnerability types and secrets about the web.

Sample video: “Your code can be polluted, here’s how.”

14. LiveOverflow

686k subscribers – support on Patreon

LiveOverflow may describe himself as a wannabe hacker, but his videos prove otherwise! The Germany-based CTF player is known to upload deep-dive 10 minute explainer videos on various niche topics, pleasantly visualised with easy to grasp sketchbook animations. LiveOverflow covers a range of different topics, from more educational tutorials to covering real stories, questions and thoughts related to hacking!

Sample video: “Hacking into Google’s Network for $133,337”

15. HackerSploit

641K subscribers – support on Patreon

HackerSploit has 400+ videos on hacking. This includes many series on ethical hacking and penetration testing, linux essentials, challenge walkthroughs and Cybertalk, an InfoSec show co-presented with Cristi Vlad. Although he touches on different topics, his specialty is Linux. His videos provide excellent introductions to topics like Docker for Pentester’s, zsh, Nmap, etc.

Sample video: “Cybersecurity Career Roadmap”

16. The XSS Rat

17k subscribers – support on Patreon

“What’s up you amazing hackers?” The XSS Rat’s day job is in QA/QC, but his passion is security and bug bounties. He regularly publishes short videos on a variety of topics relevant to bug hunters. This includes interviews, tutorials, Q&As, tips, and his answers to questions all bug hunters ask themselves when starting out.

Sample video: “What You NEED To Know About Bug Bounties”

17. Conda

9,64k subscribers – support on Patreon

Conda is also still relatively new to the infosec creators’ game but already has a ton of valuable videos available to you. He describes himself as a penetration tester who loves to help others showing you how to build and break things in the cybersecurity world. On his channel, you find a wide variety of topics ranging from Windows/Linux privilege escalation to OSCP exam advice and lab walkthroughs.

Sample video: “How I Became a Penetration Tester At 21”

18. The Cyber Mentor

240k subscribers – support on Patreon

The Cyber Mentor is an ex accountant, now hacker and entrepreneur who is best known for his fantastic courses on penetration testing. He covers topics like network pentesting, Linux basics for hackers, and more recently Web application security. He also shares his entrepreneurial journey as an independent penetration tester with full transparency, and even has a series on teaching his wife hacking. Both fun and educational!

Sample video: “A Day in the Life of an Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester”

19. Hakluke

7,2k subscribers

Hakluke is an ex musician, developer and penetration tester who is now into bug bounties. He describes himself as “a cyber security professional who is obsessed with self-growth”. This channel is a great way to share his healthy obsession and contagiously positive attitude! Videos uploaded until now are about motivation, the hacker mindset, how to best approach bug bounties, plus a couple of interviews with hackers/entrepreneurs.

Sample video: “Learning to Hack in 2021: What resources should you use?”

20. CryptoCat

7,61k subscribers

CryptoCat is an infosec education channel focusing on CTF walkthroughs, binary exploitation, pen-testing, malware analysis, programming/scripting and more. He usually goes into a lot of details trying to give you a deep understanding of the topic covered!

Sample video: “RustScan – Pentesting Tutorials”

Honorable Mentions

Did you know that Intigriti has hired two content creators this year?

You might already know them but let us introduce them one more time!

∞. Hacksplained

11,3k subscribers – support on Patreon

Hacksplained or Pascal (how the team is calling him) is a Hacker Enablement Manager at Intigriti. Pascal takes care that all security researchers are feeling well and that they all learn something new every week. On his own channel, he shows bug bounty tips, tool tips and explains various vulnerabilities using OWASP’s juice shop.  

Also, feel free to reach out on Twitter!

Sample video: “OWASP TOP 10 – 2021 Edition”

∞. PinkDraconian

7,06k subscribers

PinkDraconian or Robbe (how the team is calling him) is a Hacker Manager at Intigriti. Robbe takes care that all security researchers are constantly mulling over new challenges and that the Intigriti platform is getting more exciting for them. On his own channel, he shows bug bounty tips and demonstrates solutions to CTF challenges and hacking boxes on various platforms.

Also, feel free to reach out on Twitter!

Sample video: “I became a bug bounty millionaire! (Just for a day)”

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