Bug Bounty & Agile Pentesting Platform

Intigriti’s Trust Center – An interview with our Head of Security, Niels Hofmans 

Intigriti’s Trust Center is an exciting new feature of Intigriti, so we thought a one-on-one interview with its mastermind would help people understand what it’s all about.  Intigriti: Hi Niels! Diving straight in, what is the Trust Center in a sentence?  Niels: Intigriti’s Trust Center is a live dashboard connected to our platform that displays […]

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penetration testing challenges

Penetration testing challenges 

How best can businesses navigate the common penetration testing challenges that arise when improving their security posture? In one of our last blogs, we discussed how Pentesting as a Service updated the pentesting format. As a rendition of Software as a Service, this change led pentesting to be more cost efficient, scalable and ultimately more […]

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what is penetration testing as a service?

What is Penetration Testing as a Service?

Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), much like the other renditions of centrally hosted Software as a Service technologies (SaaS), is about providing a more flexible, continuous and scalable pentesting service. While remaining distinct from bug bounty programs, PTaaS is a modern approach to the traditional pentesting format.  How does Penetration Testing as a Service work?  […]

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intigriti parter

What does it mean to become an Intigriti partner?  

The need for continuous security testing is quickly cementing bug bounty platforms as an integral part of cybersecurity infrastructure. However, it’s less often that cybersecurity technology and solution providers supply bug bounty programs in addition to their other offerings. This is not surprising, given the careful approach and expertise that crowdsourced security requires.   Fortunately, […]

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