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EyeWitness – Hacker Tools: Hacking through screenshots 👩‍💻

EyeWitness is an incredibly tool that allows you to quickly get a feel for what assets to target first. We all know hundreds of content discovery tools that give us vast amounts of data, but do we ever focus on efficiently parsing all that data? How do you go through hundreds of endpoints? If you’re doing it manually, then be sure to read this article as EyeWitness may be of great help to you!

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How Artificial Intelligence is being used to match researchers with bug bounty programs

Every security researcher has their specialty, their range of bugs that they focus on or that they have spent the past years researching and perfecting. The greatest power of bug bounty comes into play when considering that all of these bright individuals with diverse skillsets can become a single superbrain when put together. At Intigriti, […]

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The new OWASP Top 10 for 2021

OWASP top 10; Over the last 4 years, the cybersecurity field has continued to see incredible leaps forward at an unimaginable pace. As attacks that used to be prevalent 15 years ago are slowly dying out, new attack vectors are being discovered day in and day out. Security researchers and bug bounty hunters alike often […]

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