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Bug bounty history

A history of bug bounty programs & incentivised vulnerability disclosure

Hacker-powered security and bug bounty programs are growing concepts within the cybersecurity sector today. What you may not know is that ethical hacking, often dubbed as white-hat hacking, predates black-hat hacking activities. Throughout the sixties, hacking simply meant optimising systems and machines to make them run more efficiently.   Today, we’re going to circle back to the beginning of bug bounty programs to discover how […]

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Illustrating Hackers: Changing perceptions by changing how we see hackers

Anyone familiar with the Intigriti brand is likely to know that we illustrate our hackers. If you know our brand but not our quirky cartoons, a glance at our Ethical Hacker Insights Report or weekly hacker interviews will quickly bring you up to speed. In this blog post, we’re going to disclose why we illustrate our hackers, introduce a few members of our community, and hear about the creative process from the illustrator himself.   Why […]

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What is an ethical hacker? And why do companies hire them?

Ask someone to define the word ‘hacker’ and it’s almost guaranteed to spark a debate. Yet, hacking isn’t a new concept. In fact, it’s been around for decades. Throughout the sixties, hacking simply meant optimising systems and machines to make them run more efficiently.  Since then, the world’s fear and fascination with black hat hackers have clouded the term ‘hacker’, and as a result, many choose to differentiate between malicious […]

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Common Types Of Vulnerability Disclosure When Working With Ethical Hackers

Vulnerability disclosure refers to the method whereby an ethical hacker reports a security flaw or issue to a business. In this article, we explore the three most common types of vulnerability disclosure: Private disclosure, full disclosure and responsible disclosure. We also reveal how organisations can encourage researchers to follow the method that suits them best through a bug […]

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Vulnerability Disclosure Programs Vs Bug Bounty: Which Is Best?

Ethical hackers dedicate significant amounts of time to discover and report security flaws to businesses. Creating a stress-free and sensical way for them to disclose security vulnerabilities to you is critical. Not only does it encourage responsible disclosure, but it maximises the success of their contribution. In turn, this irons out the bottlenecks in the process and allows you to fix bugs faster.   There are several […]

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Penetration Testing Vs Bug Bounty Programs Explained

As the number of businesses operating online increases, data breaches have grown in intensity and frequency – meaning it’s never been more critical for organisations to strengthen their defence systems. Intigriti dives into the key differences between two commonly used security testing methods for businesses: Penetration testing vs bug bounty programs. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear indication of what model is most suitable for your […]

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How To Debunk These 6 Common Bug Bounty Misconceptions

The value of bug bounty programs is recognised by well-known companies all over the world. However, there are still a few stubborn myths about the concept that persists. This article lists six of the most common misconceptions we hear when speaking to potential customers about bug bounty programs.   The truth about bug bounty programs  There is only one truth to what a bug bounty program […]

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The Ultimate Guide To VDP: How To Write A Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

If you’re thinking about inviting ethical hackers to work with you, you’re in the right place. This article will help you maximise the success of using ethical hackers by asking them to follow a vulnerability disclosure process. Before we explain how to write a vulnerability disclosure policy, let’s start by covering some of the basics.  […]

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