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Why you should consider running a live hacking event

Group hacking is a collaborative and creative sport. Organize it as a live hacking event with in-person attendees and you’ll get incredible synergy. Security researchers really thrive when they come together to give their all testing assets and systems for cybersecurity vulnerabilities during a set period of time. At Intigriti, we’re no strangers to these […]

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Intigriti continues to innovate security testing with a redefined penetration testing offering 

Intigriti, Europe’s leading crowdsourced security platform, today announced a significant expansion of its bug bounty platform offerings with the launch of Hybrid Pentesting. The Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaas) solution combines the pay-for-impact approach of bug bounty programs with the dedicated resourcing strategy found with classic penetration testing. The innovative cybersecurity testing method goes […]

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Yahoo’s 1337UP0822 live hacking event rallies researchers from around the world 

After putting in-person live hacking events on hold due to social distancing regulations and travel restrictions, Yahoo made a ground-breaking comeback this month with their 1337UP0822 event. The global media and tech company combined forces with Intigriti to host their first in-person live hacking event in more than two years.  Today, we’re highlighting noteworthy performances […]

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How CM.com improved its security posture with a bug bounty program

CM.com’s story began in 1999 with the sending of SMS messages to update nightclub and festival visitors. Today, it is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. Sándor Incze is CISO at CM.com—a job that involves ensuring the cybersecurity for all of CM.com’s platform offerings.  Having seen significant improvements in CM.com’s security posture […]

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Visma’s Bug Bounty Program Manager speaks to Intigriti about the practice of running a successful program

Visma is a leading provider of cloud software solutions in Europe and Latin America. With around one million public and private sector customers for their software solutions across the Nordics, Benelux, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the organization works continuously to maintain a robust security posture. In this interview, we speak to one […]

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Meet two hackers heading to Yahoo’s live hacking event, 1337UP0822 

Intigriti’s live hacking events offer a completely different experience to conventional bug bounty hunting. They work by inviting ethical hackers (also known as security researchers and, in this case, bug bounty hunters) to collaborate and connect with a specific organization’s security team, fellow hackers, and of course, Intigriti! Hackers are invited to participate based on […]

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How to prepare your internal team for launching a bug bounty program

Bug bounty programs are an excellent way for organizations to find and resolve cybersecurity vulnerabilities. However, to maximize success, it’s important to include this essential pre-step: the need to prepare internal teams when launching a bug bounty program launch. To help guide you through the process, this article covers all the steps in getting your […]

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Security is a continuous process. Here’s why your testing process should be too

“Continuous security testing” has recently achieved a top ten spot in the cybersecurity lexicon. At first glance, it appears self-explanatory and very sensible—something like, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, right? Well, yes. But what exactly is continuous security testing? How is it different from other cybersecurity approaches, such as penetration tests (pen […]

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What is a bug bounty platform? And what are the alternatives? 

Organizations run bug bounty programs as a way to identify and fix vulnerabilities within their systems, assets, and applications. They work by giving ethical hackers permission to test for vulnerabilities and provide a report of what they discover in an effort to reduce their attack surface. Alternative security testing methods include penetration tests and vulnerability […]

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