As announced by MEP Julia Reda at the end of 2018, and by the European Commission, intigriti and Deloitte are happy to announce that the most exciting cyber security challenge in Europe is about to start. As part of the EU FOSSA 2 project, managed by the European Commission, intigriti and Deloitte will run a series of bug bounties for making FOSS more secure. The bug bounties cover the following software:

Open to all

For invited participants only

These bug bounties are open for participation for member of the security and/or FOSS developer community that wants to make FOSS more secure. Indeed, amongst other objectives, these bug bounties aim to encourage a greater focus on security within the FOSS community.

These bug bounties are part of a broader effort from the European Commission to engage with the FOSS community and increase the general visibility of open source software used by the European institutions.

Starting today, KeePass is the first in the line of FOSSA bug bounty programs which run through 2019. Create an intigriti account to get informed of future program launches.

For more details visit https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/eu-fossa-2.


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